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Sue Cole

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Strathmore and The Glens is established as a development trust group to facilitate the implementation of ideas which would improve the way of life across a broad sweep of the countryside and diverse communities in Eastern Perthshire.  Having facilitated and encouraged the creation of the various towns development groups our main role is to run the Community Markets as well as being a central area point of contact.

Strathmore and The Glens represents all communities covered by the Blairgowrie High School catchment area.  This is bounded by Burrelton and Woodside on the way to Scone, Caputh and Spitalfield towards Dunkeld, and extends north to Kirkmichael and Glen Shee, south towards Tullybaccart past Coupar Angus, and Glen Isla in the east taking in Alyth and Meigle.

It has all that is best in Scottish scenery.  There is the fertile river valley farmland of Strathmore, and the upland farms and hirsels of the glens which reach far north into the deer forests of the Grampian peaks.  Go to the Maps page to see the area covered.

It is a community of small rural towns, villages and numerous farms.  Manufacturing businesses are few in number and small in size.  Its wide diversity of character presents many challenges to those seeking to improve communications and employment and to enrich our heritage and culture.

East Perthshire is well placed to take advantage of the burgeoning interest in outdoor activities spanning hill sports of  walking, climbing, skiiing, canoeing, horse riding, husky racing, as well as the traditional game sports.  As the soft fruit capital of Scotland if not the UK it has a tremendous dependence on arable farming in the lowland areas and incorporates hill farming in the uplands.  In addition it is a significant dormitory area for people who work in Perth, Dundee and beyond.


to encourage and evaluate ideas for improvement, and to help and advise the best method of approach to bring about their advancement.

Strathmore and The Glens...


is a non-profit making company limited by guarantee and run on a voluntary basis


it operates under the auspices of the Perth and Kinross Strategic Rural Partnership


it regards all its chosen territory as having urgent needs for sustainable economic improvement


we encourage proposals to bring prosperity to the area


we wish to see the cultural life of the area improved


we want to see greater provision for young people


we encourage fresh and meaningful employment prospects


we wish to promote varied tourist attractions  


we strive to co-ordinate activity between all the diverse activities of the varied communities, ensuring a common approach


above all, we want to improve the quality of life for all who dwell within our boundaries


Together we are stronger than the sum of the parts